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Parks and Rec anyone? Haha I love Andy.

OK Let’s get real for a minute. 
Weddings are ridiculously expensive. I know because I am currently planning my own wedding so I totally get it! 
Real talk though, choosing your wedding photographer is one of the BIGGEST decisions that you’ll make while planning your wedding. After your wedding day is over, your family has gone home and there is no more leftover cake, your photos are the only thing you have to look back on & relive all those cherished memories and feelings. That alone is priceless.

I am more then just a person with a fancy camera. I am the one who will be with you literally all day long – helping guide you through all the happy, stressful, intimate moments, and everything in between. I know when to step in and give direction, and when to step back and let things naturally unfold. I am constantly making sure you feel comfortable and look good in front of my camera. 

It’s important that my clients understand all that goes into this job. Don’t let that family friend fool you, It’s more then just showing up with a camera. Besides the immense value of your wedding day memories, my pricing reflects the 10 years of experience I have as a photographer, the thousands of dollars of professional equipment that I bring with me to every wedding, the endless amount of money and time spent on continuing my photography education through workshops, one-on-ones, research and simply fine tuning my craft through practice and hard work. Also all the expensive software and tech I invest in to run my business that allows me to organize, back-up, and process your images. The hours of communication of managing my clients expectations, educating them, assisting with their timelines and the countless hours that goes into editing every single image to perfection. Lastly, there’s the immeasurable experience I have gained through all of the weddings I have previously shot that have made me the photographer I am today. It all adds up. All in all, I understand how important these photos and memories are to you and your family. I pour my whole heart into this job and take your memories very seriously. You will never regret investing in a photographer you trust. This is your story, your love. Make no compromises with your memories.

All of that said, I understand budgets do exist. I love what I do and that means I never want to turn away someone just because they have a smaller budget. I have to pay the bills, but I strive for transparency so let's talk about your budget. As long as I am appreciated, I am always open to working with awesome clients so don’t hesitate to reach out!


Now booking 2020 weddings!

My brides typically spend between $2000-$4000 on the full wedding photography experience.

Portrait Sessions begin at $299

*Flexible rates for destination weddings & elopements available upon request.*

For more detailed investment information: