how to slay your
engagement session

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Choose an awesome location that is significant to YOU. 

Do you love the outdoors? The beach? Coffee shops? Do you love to see movies together or go to the amusement park?  Are you drawn to the ocean or hiking in the mountains?

Pick something you love to do together and then pick a spot that resembles that. The ideas are endless, and it can make the photos more personal if the place or activity is something that you two have a connection with. Or if you’re like me and are always up for an adventure then we can find an epic location and make your session unique to you! Waterfalls, beaches, urban settings, lets brainstorm somewhere original and fun!

I always have an ongoing list of awesome locations and fun photo session ideas. I am always happy to offer ideas based on your likes and dislikes. I LOVE it when my couples let me help style their engagement session and offer suggestions! It’s one of the best parts of my job. Not only am I a photographer, but I stay pretty up-to-date on the latest style and spend hours researching the newest and coolest in the photography world as far as location and lighting. I want to create something as equally awesome and unique as you do!  This isn’t just my job, this is my art, my passion, my way of sharing something beautiful with you and the rest of the world. I want to create something equal parts jaw dropping and emotional. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing something in my head and then helping create it in real life.


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What is a better occasion to get all dolled up than to celebrate getting married?!  Your engagement session is your chance to feel and look amazing. Want to go shopping for a new outfit? Spluurge. Gotta cute outfit? Rock it. Favorite lipstick? Get it girlfriend. Whatever makes you feel like a million bucks, do it!

Ladies, If you want a more formal session, I always recommend wearing a dress. There is no woman that doesn’t look gorgeous in one. Also, if we are outdoors, a long flowy dress or skirt can add fun movement and texture that adds a whole other element to your images. Put your handsome guy in a suit. Or at least a nice pair of fitted dress pants and a nice button-down dress shirt or sweater. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better then a dapper looking man in a suit. 

Try on everything a week before the shoot. You’ll want to make sure your clothes fit well and you don’t have any distractions like panty lines, bra straps, poor fitting clothing, or wrinkles! Be mindful of the sizing of your clothing and make sure nothing is too tight or too loose. The camera tends to exaggerate bagginess/tightness. Avoid branded clothing with large logos, they tend to be very distracting. Also beware of too much pattern. Busy patterns tend to be distracting. I encourage to only pick one patterned item of clothing per couple.

My goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourselves! Don't wear something just because you think you should, wear something that feels like you! Wear what you feel comfortable in. I love receiving pictures over text with outfit ideas and I am more then happy to give you advice and suggestions.



This is the perfect opportunity to get pampered! Get your nails done, schedule a hair and makeup appointment, whatever makes you feel like Beyonce. I recommend making the day of your engagement session special! Keep your day stress free. Take the day off work or don’t plan anything other then your session. I also always suggest planning a fun date night after we are finished shooting!

For both men and women, make sure your nails are all clean and shaped and if wearing polish, avoid chipped or faded nail color. Fellas, make sure you're groomed to your highest standards including haircut and facial hair. 



This is completely up to you! For me personally, I tend to focus more on the emotion and the relationship between my couples. Madly in love couples really don’t need prop styling in my opinion unless it ties into or adds to your love story. For example, something like a blanket to cuddle in, some champagne, or a vintage car or motorcycle you own. I never want the props to distract or take away from what is truly important and what is being celebrated, your love story!

Sometimes I love incorporating a beautiful bouquet or flower crown into an engagement session. It will add that extra little visual touch to your images and you’ll be so glad you had them. Bonus points, it gives something for your hands to do!  Hands are one of the biggest giveaway of uncomfortable posing.  Often times couples are so worried about how their smile or hair looks that they don’t think about what to do with their hands.  I always tell my couples, that for a photo to look natural, your hands have to have purpose.  Whether touching each other or placing a hand in your pocket, it will polish your image in a way that nothing else will. And adding a bouquet just takes that all up a notch.

Just a reminder that if you would like to bring a pet, you must bring someone along to the photoshoot to take care of the pet after you're finished with the pictures of them.

Anything else we should bring? Wearing lipstick? Bring it for touch ups or powder to help eliminate any shine on the skin, and hairspray for any flyaway hairs. Other than that you’re good to go! Be ready to have some fun!




Once you arrive to our session, the biggest key is just to relax and have fun! If you arrive to the session determined to just have a good time, believe me, your images will show it! Come with a positive mind and heart. The more you let go of your stress + worries, the more your joy and love will shine through in your pictures!

Your engagement session is also the perfect time to get comfortable and get to know how I work ! My job is a whole lot easier if you’re relaxed and focused on being in love and connecting with your love.

Act natural. Forget those posed, both smiling big cheesy grins at the camera shots. We will take a few of those at the beginning of your session for your grandparents to put on their fridge and the rest of the time; play, tickle, laugh, cuddle, and breathe each other in. These images should capture your love and relationship. Trust me, you’ll love to see the way he smiles AT YOU rather than how he smiles at the camera. That's what I want to showcase with your photos. 

There's nothing to be nervous about, especially when you're working with a professional who you've probably stalked on IG and you know will make sure you look good. You've seen my photos right? None of these people have a modeling agency contract. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes than what meets the eye, so the most important thing you can do when its time to shoot is get out of your head, trust your photographer and stop thinking so much about your freakin' hands.

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Great images include emotion and vulnerability. Show me emotion. Show me your feelings. Show me how much you love each other. Get ready to bring it! Show me the REAL love! 

Wrap each other up and then close your eyes and listen to the wind, admire each others hands and body parts, there's no one here but us. Cuddle under a cute blanket, take a walk, grab butts, have a pillow fight in your bed, help me bring life to your photos by bringing your true selves and your true love to your session.

Your energy can be read through photos. I like to have fun and make literal m-a-g-i-c! In order for us to do that, you need to fully show up and be ready to have an ahhhmazing time.



So your session was awesome and you have all of these great photos, now what? There are a few options.

Save the Dates – Your engagement photos are perfect for using for your save-the-dates! Just remember that you should receive your photos within 4 weeks after your engagement session so think of when you want to send your save the dates before scheduling your engagement session. I love receiving my bride's save-the-date's in the mail so feel free to send me one, I will proudly display it on my fridge!

Wedding Guest Book – I am so delighted to offer the photo guest books to my couples as they are made to the highest standards. The photo guest book is designed with the perfect amount of white space to allow all your wedding guests to share their love on your wedding day. 

When it comes down to it, your engagement session is all about YOU and your partner! We are focusing on your love story, your connection and the bond you share, not what you're wearing, nor the location. Get excited! I know I am! I can't wait to work with you and create m-a-g-i-c with you!