hey babes

I’m Taylor, a wedding and portrait photographer located in Michigan. 

You could call me a hopeless romantic. I believe in celebrating the small things, and appreciating life’s beautiful details. I love hand written letters to loved ones, polaroids, gardening, a freshly brewed latte and the hoppiest craft beer. Everything hand-crafted makes my heart happy.

I also love nature. I’m an avid traveler and full time adventurer. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors, exploring + being active. Long road trips and camping with my boyfriend is my favorite pastime. I have an unhealthy addiction to strong iced coffee, puppies, the mountains, and the ocean. We only have one life. I believe in making it count, and aim to live a full & inspiring life.

My photography is inspired by nature’s beauty and life’s beautiful details. I have an infatuation with natural light, details and beautiful scenery. I strive to create light-filled, romantic and timeless imagery, from capturing all the small details to the raw emotional moments.

If you appreciate these things too, there’s a good chance i’d be a good fit as your photographer. Don't be shy, drop me a line and say hi. I’d love to hear about your love story!